Cleancubator is India’s first private sector startup incubator with a dedicated focus on the cleantech domain. Know more about us from the following elevator pitch.

What is Cleancubator?

Cleancubator will act as an incubator for Indian startups in the field of Clean Technology. 

Who Needs Cleancubator?

Cleancubator’s services will be invaluable for cleantech startups that need external assistance in product, marketing/sales and finance, among others. 

Why do you need Cleancubator?

Cleantech is an exciting but challenging space, and without external expert assistance on marketing, product and finance, you risk the fate of 93/100 startups – closure within 2 years instead of going on to the next orbit in this duration.

What are the Key Services of Cleancubator?

Cleancubator provides specialized assistance for Indian cleantech startups through:

  • Mentoring
  • Raising Finance
  • Getting an Effective Team
  • Powerful and Effective Brand Building
  • Go-to-Market and Sales Strategies 

What is the Background of the Cleancubator Team?

Cleancubator has been launched by EAI (Energy Alternatives India), one of the most reputed cleantech and renewable energy consulting firms.

The Cleancubator team comprises experts who have operated in marketing, product management and finance for over a decade, across a range of cleantech domains – renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, green buildings, water and waste management.

Besides, Cleancubator is backed by the online resources of EAI – the EAI web portal, India’s largest online cleantech resource and EAI Daily, India’s largest cleantech newsletter. These assets provide a powerful marketing channel for the cleantech startups to get seen and be heard by the right audience.

Want to Know More?

Wish to know more about Cleancubator and how your cleantech startup could benefit from it? Send a note to
Following are the Cleantech domains Cleancubator would like to extend its services in: 

Agriculture, Forestry & Food Biofuels & Biomass Power Construction & Buildings
Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Biomass Power Production Green buildings
Organic Farming Biofuels Energy Efficiency in HVAC
Biomass based heating
Ecofriendly Products Ecology, Biodiversity & Climate Change Electric Vehicles
Renewable Chemicals Global Warming & Climate Change Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Eco cosmetics Biodiversity Electric & Plug in Hybrid Electric Cars
LED CO2 Sequestration Electric and Hybrid Bikes & Bicycles
Organic Textile
Energy and Efficiency & Conservation Energy Storage Green IT
Energy Audits Green Data Centers
Combined Heat and Power Green Computers
Smart Grid
Electricity Transmission and Distribution
Hydrogen Energy Science Technology and R&D Solar Energy
Fuel Cells Biotechnology Solar PV
Hydrogen Production and Storage Microbiology Solar Thermal
Biomimicry Solar CSP
Thin Film Solar Cells
Solar Water Heating and Drying
Sustainable Materials Transportation Waste Management
Sustainable Wood Public Transportation Industrial Waste Management
Biopolymers and Bioplastics Green Shipping MSW
Hydrogen Cars Sewage Waste Management
Transport Fuel Efficiency Agri Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Management
eWaste Management
Plastic Management
Anaerobic Digestion of Waste
Water Wind Energy
Water Purification Onshore Wind
Water Conservation and Reuse Offshore Wind
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Small Wind
Domestic Wastewater Treatment Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Rainwater Harvesting